Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wipro interview questions for 2 years

Recently I have attended I wipro Interview. Please look at below questions. If it can be of help to someone searching for job.

1. what is csc.exe, alg.exe, rsgen.exe ?
2. String builder is mutable string is immutable ?
3. Static class: Class with static members, methods.
4. Singleton class: class whose constructor is private. and can be instantiated only once.
5.Abstract class its advantages.
6. Interface its advantages.
7. difference between stored procedure and function. Every interview this quesion is asked.
8. Connected and disconnected architecture?
9.Assembly something related answer is build.major.minor.revision.
10. How to get version of assembly?
11.if stored procedure is taking long time for execution what you will do?
12. How to increase performance in c# code.
13. var keyword?
14. all oops concepts
15. forms authentication
16. difference between cookies , sessions, application object, viewstate?
17. statement management techniques. their advantages and disadvantages?
18. Generics and collections . Every interview this quesion is asked.

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