Friday, February 4, 2011

value labs project manager round interview questions

Date: 2/4/2011
ProjectManager round
Company: Value Labs

Please find below the latest valuelabs interview questions for dotnet.
1.Difference between assembly and dll?
2.What is XSLT?
3. Implement Dataset functionality using classes.
5.How to assign image from databast to image control?
6.n-tier architecture
7.What are static classes what is its use?
8. Write code showing the DataAdapter functionality?
9.What are the uses of interface? to connect to oracle database from code?
Ans: using oledb provider. Is there any other way of connecting to oracle database.
11.In a page calles page1.aspx, you have 2 textbox. there is a usercontrol with a button which is used in the page1.aspx page. now how to retreive the textbox values in button click event of usercontrol button.

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