Friday, January 18, 2013

Deloitte .Net Interview Questions

Latest January 2013 Deloitte .Net Interview Questions for experience of 3+years

This requirement was for Delloitte for ASP.NET,C#,Javascript dotnet requirement. Below are the questions asked:
1. Application Blocks.
2.How the exception is logged in your project.
3.Indexed Views
4.Have you done performance tuning in sql server database.
5. Visual Studio 2010 features.
6. Is it possible to write DML statements in views? in wcf?
8.Difference between: Web services and WCF.
9.Difference between caching and application variable
10.Types of index in sql server
11.Difference between dataset and datareader
12.How to write class in javascript
13.which is fast: executing linq query or executing query using store procedure.
14. Which interface is implemented by using block?

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