Saturday, March 19, 2011

how to get job in .net

1. join some .net training.
2. learn all the basics of dotnet.
3. most frequently questions of dotnet include
 a. difference between stored procedure and functions
 b. what are generics what are the benefits of generics and why to go for generics?
c. What are collections?
d. difference between array and array list?
e. difference between arraylist and dictionary
Ans: arraylist is accessed using index whereas dictionary is accessed using keys.
f. difference between interface and abstract classes.
g. what is singleton class?
h. what is the use of static class?
i.what are the advantages of using stored procedure?
j. how many clustered index are possible
k. difference between clustered and non clustered index?
l.what is viewstate? page lifecycle?
n. state management techniques in
o. caching. types of caching?
p.types of joins/
4. learn how to display data in gridivew, update and delete the data using gridivew.

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